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Tasks and requirements

  • The meaning of each corporate identity strategy is in its intended objectives. These objectives can have both internal and external character. They are developed based on sound analysis of the company and its environment.

    - Corporate identity Design -
  • DThe corporate identity is to be understood as a comprehensive management approach, in which the profile of the company is at the center. The individual components thereby form the corporate design, corporate communication, the corporate behavior and corporate culture.

    - Corporate culture -
  • From brainstorming to finishing the layout must take into account the technical possibilities and limits of the medium and keep the appearance of the character, or the philosophy of a company closely.

    - Brainstorming to finishing -

About me

I live and work in Berlin as Art Director - UI Concepter

Creativity Art Direction

The design conveys a standalone content that may create tendency or potential for a website. The aim is to turn the visitor’s desire to move in in the content. The first impression when we open a page is critical and crucial, therefore I create your idea in the right context.

My goal is to present your company, your brand or your product for the purpose to be appropriate with the modern media

Consulting Concept

If you are interested in printing and creating online / offline projects or a video presentation, my abilities as a consultant will help you to realize them. Whether the evaluation of needs and satisfaction of your requirements or the establishment of best quality in the processes of management and control of marketing commitments, my consulting services are able to help you with independent implementation services.

Responsive Design

The Responsive design is an important key for a modern website. By using Responsive Design websites are designed and implemented so as to adjust the data according to the analysis and logic of the respective electronic means. Thus, the user receives the data according to the form and structure of the desktop instrument that he is using.


The subjects I photograph for many years relating to society, the street and the people through unusual angles shooting. The way I usually photograph (automatically) from Lomography, sometimes I do not see through the camera and take pictures with the instinct of the hand.

Analysis and Design Concept
Interaction Design
Prototyping and usability testing
Responsive Design
Corporate Identity Design
Prototyper / Balsamiq / Pencil Project / Justinmind
Photoshop / Illustrator / InDesign / Flash
After Effect / Adobe Premiere / Final Cut
Javascript / Html5 / CSS / XML
CMS solutions: WordPress / Typo3 / Contao

  • The design conveys a standalone content that may create tendency or potential for a website. The aim is to turn the visitor’s desire to move in in the content.

    - Anastasios Lalos -

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Hope to hearing from you soon. Whether because you think I would be suitable for your next project or if you simply want to say hello!

Anastasios Lalos

Rostocker Straße 31
10553 Berlin

+49 151 18 450 457